New Hire Training Report

Trainee Name(Required)
Trainer Name(Required)
Direct Supervisor Name(Required)

Locating check list

Can mark fiber/power with no issues?(Required)
Can mark water/sewer with no issues?(Required)
Makes proper hook-ups on all facilities?(Required)
Can bill tickets correctly?(Required)
Can operate NL app correctly?(Required)
Can communicate with contractors and add notes to the tickets?(Required)
Understands how to use the distance app?(Required)
Knows how to properly open and close H.H, Meter pits & M.H(Required)
Can use induction clamp properly?(Required)
Can use & navigate GIS prints for Plainfield?(Required)
Can use & operate AES prints?(Required)
Can use & operate AES prints?(Required)
Parks safely on the street & uses cones?(Required)
Cross trained on Vivax & RD?(Required)
Understands how to run an efficient route?(Required)

On Call:

Understands how ring central works?(Required)
Understands the on-call areas & responsibilities?(Required)
Understands the open emergencies tab and how to operate it?(Required)
Understands how to properly bill out an ECO ticket?(Required)